typeofhostingEvery business needs a website. This makes it possible for the business to be discoverable in the internet. People don’t use yellow page anymore. A simple search using their smartphone will give them the search result they need.

To start a website a hosting service is needed. It is a place where a website’s files are stored. Knowing what the website will be used for is important in choosing the type of hosting. Will it be for information purpose only? Will it need to have a payment gateway? Will it have large amount of traffic? There are 3 common types of hosting that is suited for different uses.

  1. Shared Hosting – This is the most common kind of hosting. The website files are placed in a server together with other customers. This is recommended for small businesses or personal blogs. Bandwidth and disk space is limited on this type of hosting. If you want to avail unlimited bandwidth and storage use this InMotion promo link.
  2. VPS Hosting – This is a more powerful type of hosting. If the website is expected to receive heavy traffic this type of hosting can accommodate it. Also, this hosting can handle more than one website. If an extra website is needed, VPS hosting can host it with no extra charge.
  3. Dedicated Server – This hosting is used by expert web developers. It can handle large amount of traffic with ease. The downside with this are it costs a lot compared to VPS and it requires technical expertise to use it.

Here are some of the features to look out for in web hosting:

  1. Uptime – The server should always be up. The standard uptime is 99% for most hosting. It should be noted if there reviews complaining about the downtime of hosting services.
  2. Customer Support – It should be 24/7 period. They should be able to provide support whatever time it is. A website can go down anytime and having to wait until business hours before it gets fixed can affect the possible customers that wants to view the website.
  3. One Click Installs – There are scripts which allow novice users to install websites without coding. These scripts should be available and free to use when choosing a web hosting service.


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