computerTechnology is the source of drive for our daily lives. You can find it anywhere in our society. With creativity and innovation, technology transforms our budding ideas into reality and ultimately helps the community and human life. It brings luxury to the lives of common people. The automation of machines and gadgets saves us a great deal of time and effort. The passing of information throughout the world has been simplified due to the advancements on the field of communications.

Gadgets have played a major role from huge industrial factories to simple household chores. Simple mundane tasks that eats away at our time can now be executed by computer programs. Even tasks that are physically impossible for human beings are now possible through technology.

Compared to the old way on how tasks are performed, we can clearly see the growth and how technology has changed the world. All the innovations and awesome stuff we see online is fast evolving. It has given us more time on our hands as the jobs that used to take so long to accomplish can now be left to the programs operating the computers. With this we can turn our attention to other important tasks. The advancement of technology also mirrors the economical growth of the nation.

Smarthphones have widened the range of the communications industry. Our dependency for such gadgets has increased ten folds. Computer technology has changed the way we live our lives. All the communications you need is accessible at the comfort of your home. The networks being made online has expanded our standards of education. The Internet is the best platform for businesses and contains the largest data base of information today. Marketing and advertising have since changed since the introduction of the Internet. Small businesses can now reach out to the people without having to spend millions on television ads.

Chat rooms can now be found everywhere and with easy access. Personalized websites sharing information of interest. Video conferences throughout the globe can be easily made. Technology have improved our own personal networks by leaps and bounds. Collaboration of businesses has made outsourcing easier. Surely it’s the golden age for businesses.

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