On August 6, 1991 the internet became public and forever changed the world. The business sector took advantage of the reach it has on a very wide range of customers thus internet marketing is born. Internet marketing is where a product or service is promoted through different ways.


Internet marketing is an ever changing field which makes it possible for newbies to make profit in a very short span of time. The internet is filled with guides and tutorials on different methods of promotion. Here are some internet marketing categories:

  1. Website Creation – This is where the service or product is placed for potential customers to see. You don’t have to know coding in order to make a website. WordPress for example is a great choice for people without coding experience. Your goal is to create a website and send traffic to it.
  2. Email Marketing – Everyone has an email today, because of that it is a great medium for promotion. The idea is to send people email messages that contain information about the product or service you are promoting. Sending messages is easy, the hard part is to convince a user to share his/her email so that they can receive emails from you. You can offer something in exchange for their email. Once they are in the list you can send them related information or products that may solve their problems.
  3. Social Media Marketing – Businesses have used social media in order interact and reach more customers. Brand recognition plays a big part especially today where more and more time is spent on social network sites. The basic concept is to connect with people and all the while allowing them to share it to their friends by way of social networks.
  4. PPC Marketing – This is where businesses pay a certain amount in order to advertise on different websites and search engines. The amount is calculated with every click on their banner or text link.

There are more ways to promote a product or service in the internet. Those are just the most commonly used by internet marketers like Digital Diary.

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