completegearA full tactical gear is not complete with a tactical sling. Here are the reasons why:


A tactical sling is very useful regardless of what weapon you use and whatever your height is. It can easily be adjusted. When in a hunting trip you are bound to walk and stand for a long time. Without it you will have to carry the full weight with your hands. Most hunter would want both their hands free when walking so that when a prey or an emergency comes up fast they can react properly in a short period of time. This gives the hunter flexibility as well as efficiency.

Major Weapons Can Fit

For any major tactical weapons, a tactical three point sling is recommended. These weapons come in different size and weights. The tactical three point sling enables the weight to spread evenly. There are different mounting methods on which a three point sling can be used. Try different positions beforehand to familiarize yourself with the action.

Emergency Release Buckles

There are emergency release buckles that you can use to release the weapon very fast. Practice releasing the weapon so that when an emergency comes up you are already in automatic mode.

Easy To Use

Regardless whether you are left or right handed, a tactical sling will still work for you.


The material used in most of these slings are very tough because of the expected weight it will carry.


Being able to share the weight of your weapon your shoulder gives you comfort. Remember some weapons are really heavy. It will drain your energy if you carry it all day long using just your arms.

There you have it. Six great reasons why you should get a tactical sling. If you have some suggestions or comments regarding a tactical sling, feel free to comment below.

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