costume jewelryFor others fashion is an art while for many like us we don’t really pay attention it its meaning. The main goal is for it to make us feel good and look good. Being comfortable and still look presentable is what many of us want. Adding a cheap fashion jewelry to your look will not compromise comfort. It will allow you be classy and presentable at the same time.

Back in the early days, jewelry were collected in large amount as a form of wealth. They were used as a trade good. The materials used have changed from feathers, bones and animal skin to precious gems and rare metals.

The problem with valuable jewelries is that they are sometimes too precious for every day use. Some jewelries are passed down from their parents as a family heirloom. The risk of losing it due to theft or damage is something you can’t disregard. For this reason fashion jewelries were made. Replicas of real ones were used daily without fear of damage and theft.

A fashion jewelry is composed of different cheap materials that is combined to make it look a real jewelry. The use of silver and gold tone plating is needed to create a real shine effect. The stone of the jewelry is copied by the use of rhinestones. The most famous producer of rhinestones is called Swarovski. They create high quality rhinestone that can rival a real gemstone.

If you do the math you can probably own a lot of fashion jewelry if you use the money that you bought with a single real jewelry. With a large number of jewelries you are able to produce appropriate accessories to events like family reunion, weddings and other social events that require you to dress up.

Fashion does not need to be costly. You just need to be smart about it.